Gmail account verification will arrive m...

Gmail account verification will arrive more often than usual

Gmail account verification will arrive more often than usual

Aug 25, 2023 01:16 AM Send Data

To prevent unauthorized access to your account, additional Gmail account verification should prevent someone else from accessing your account. Namely, Google will require you to confirm that you manage your Gmail account when, for example, you add a new email address for forwarding a message.

Verification when changing and managing email filters
In addition to signing in on new devices, Gmail verification will also be present when you try to create a new one, modify an existing one, or import new filters for sorting emails on your account.

Extended verification for IMAP access
An additional step of authentication will also be extended to IMAP access, specifically when you try to enable it in the settings.

IMAP is an acronym for Internet Message Access Protocol and allows you to read your messages on multiple devices that are synchronized in real time

Multi-layered protection for Google accounts
Google introduced this news as an additional step to prevent unauthorized access to our accounts, which we may not even be aware exists.

Given that the verification will be random, the company explains in the blog that it will apply it when it notices that the action you're trying to perform is "risky." Then they will send you a request for identity verification, and if the verification fails or is not completed, Google will send you a "critical security warning" to the so-called trusted devices you use.

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